Verizon Resurrects Unlimited Data Plan for $80/Month


Verizon has brought their unlimited data plan back from the dead which includes up to 22GB of high-speed 4G LTE data for $80/month for one line. This also means you’ll be able to talk and text how ever much you want each month, leading to some serious competition between carriers.

The new plan, entitled Verizon Unlimited, also allows multiple lines, with four costing $45 per line, or $180/month. If users gobble up all 22GB before the month is over, Verizon will deprioritize you and not give you as fast data until the next month rolls around.

Something that makes Verizon stand out amongst competitors, specifically T-Mobile, is HD video streaming, The red carrier claims ‘high-quality’ HD video streaming over their network opposed to the Magenta carrier’s 480/DVD quality streaming. This makes the network seem a bit more appealing, especially if you’re into watching YouTube on the go.

Regarding mobile hotspots, you’ll be able to use 10GB of 4G LTE data each month. If you use all of it, you’ll be downgraded to 3G. And for roaming, 500MB/month will be offered.

You’ll also be able to add two tablets onto your plan for an additional $20/month per device.

Of course, Verizon will still be offering S (2GB), M (4GB), and L (8GB) plans for those who don’t use much data each month and want to pay less, while the new Unlimited plan will remain a premium and likely the flagship of the four.

This move puts Verizon on par with the other three major carriers in the US with AT&T offering unlimited data to DirecTV customers, Sprint offering up to 23GB each month, and T-Mobile giving customers 26GB. By offering HD video, Verizon does sit a step ahead of its competitors, but expect competition to heat up fast as a move like this can’t stay exclusive to one carrier for long.

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