LG’s G6 Will Feature a Quad DAC Much Like the V20


LG is adding a quad-DAC to their upcoming flagship smartphone, the G6. The news comes per the company’s Korean newsroom where it’s stated the DAC will be supplied by ESS and enhance all sound emitted by the handset.

LG Electronics will upgrade its next-generation premium smartphone ‘LG G6’ with a quad DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter). The new Quad DAC is supplied by ESS, a company specializing in high-performance audio chipsets.

To be more specific, a 32-bit DAC will be supplied in the G6. A similar DAC was used in last year’s V20 which reviewers say is the best out there. LG plans to increase the quality of this DAC for the G6, so if best can get better, it looks like we’ll find out soon.

The LG G6 eliminates noise from loud as well as loud sounds, providing crisp, clean sound.

The new Quad DACs have increased circuit integration, lowering the negative distortion to 0.0002% of the luxury audio level and minimizing the loss of acoustic information. As the loss of information is less, the listener can hear a clean sound close to the original sound.

The path for transmitting sound signals inside the chip has also been widened. The ability to process large, high-quality sound sources quickly and accurately allows listeners to enjoy high-volume 32-bit hi-fi sources without interruption.

LG’s approach with the G6, much like previous handsets, seems to be mainly focused on media consumption. The company will be supplying a headphone jack with the G6, making it that much more appealing than other offerings on the market, which will help in the company’s efforts as not everyone has/can afford wireless headphones. And with the new 18:9 QHD+ display arriving as well, this phone may make a pretty great YouTube companion and Netflix streamer.

We’ll be learning more about the G6 during MWC 2017 when it’s unveiled. Stay tuned.

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