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Software Testing: The Significance of Quality Assurance [Sponsored]

What’s the point in having testers if we have such talented and skilled developers, right? A lot of software developing companies may think so, but in reality – we all make mistakes and developers are not an exception. Therefore, there always should be testers to make sure the software operates as is expected and required. Software is a tool that assists people in doing their jobs; needless to say, it has to be working appropriately, and QA is essential here.

Testers are the ones who are looking at the product through the customers’ eyes and ensuring that navigation works and users doesn’t have to log back in every 5 minutes as his app freezes. So what are the principles of their work?

  • QA procedure finds errors as the main objective to reduce the amount of undiscovered bugs. Still, after testing it is impossible to guarantee that software is 100% free of any defects.
  • Testing should start as soon as possible to eliminate any possibility of defect on early stages of product’s development.
  • Type of testing depends of context. Various sites are tested differently. software testing professionals understand your needs providing numerous types of testing services to guarantee future success.


What phases software testing includes?

The process of software testing consists of following parts:

  • Testing of the whole software development life cycle. Tests that take part on early stages are helping to prevent errors from appearing in the code initially.
  • Static testing that is carried out during verification process and consists of reviewing source code along with static analysis.
  • Dynamic testing used to demonstrate end results of providing tests.
  • Planning, preparation and evaluation explain the choice of testing type and indicate whether the product passed the test.


Common types of software bugs every tester should know about

Software bugs have many types and own ID number for testers to indicate in their reports so the developers can fix them. Common types of bugs include:

  1. Functionality error occurs when the software is not capable of performing its main functions;
  2. Communication error meaning that communication between end user and the product is hard and awkward. For instance, there is no Help menu provided;
  3. Syntactic error. Misspelled words or incorrect sentence structure or grammar;
  4. Missing command. When open window may miss an Exit or any other command;
  5. Error handling error occurs when the software gives no indication of what the error is;
  6. Control flow error took place when any of the commands – save, print, close, are not working;
  7. Calculation error may occur due to following reasons:
    – Errors made during coding;
    – Bad logic;
    – Formulae not correct;
    – Mismatch in data type.

All these errors may be eliminated during software testing procedure and save a lot of time, money and efforts in future.


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