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The New York Times has announced a new annual subscription plan which allows customers to gain access to Spotify Premium for free. It comes as The Times attempts to grow their reader database by sweetening the deal with one of the most popular subscription-based services in the world.

The new plan costs $5 per week and gets you access to all issues of The Times alongside all the benefits of Times Insider including access to exclusive interviews, podcasts, live events, and more. You’ll also be able to access all 30 million of Spotify’s tracks available to stream for free with no ads, a $120 value. Presumably, you’ll sign into Spotify with the same credentials as your Times account, but this has yet to be confirmed.

A statement from The Times expresses their excitement in partnering with Spotify to deliver a package that essentially leads back to the early days of radio.

“At The Times we are not only dedicated to helping our readers understand the rapidly changing world around them, but also to helping them live better lives,” said Meredith Kopit Levien, executive vice president and chief revenue officer, The New York Times Company. “News and music have gone hand-in-hand since the early days of radio, and because personalization and curation are central to what both The Times and Spotify do so well, we created an experience for Times readers that gives them access to all the news and all the music that they want in one premier subscription.”

After the first year of service, you’ll still be able to access Spotify Premium for free. In addition, those already subscribed to either The Times or Spotify aren’t eligible for this offer. Only new subscribers will be able to sign up.

Speaking of which, if you’re interested, you can opt in to this limited time deal here.

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