Official: BeatsX Earbuds Will Launch on February 10th


Apple today announced that the previously delayed BeatsX earbuds will launch on February 10th. The news comes from CNET who has received multiple emails from anxious folks who are dying to get their hands on a pair of the new wireless headphones.

The BeatsX earbuds are different than most other Beats products. They include the same W1 chip found in Apple’s AirPods for easy pairing with iOS devices, come with a Lightning connector rather a microUSB port for charging, feature a “Flex-Form” cable which helps with tangling, are mysteriously aren’t sweatproof like other Beats earbuds. Luckily, you do get removable fins and a carrying case with the headphones alongside up to 8 hours of battery life.


Apple’s BeatsX headphones will be available for $149.95 and come in four colors (two of which are new): white, black, gray, and blue. Who knows, they may be a good alternative for AirPods if you don’t wanna spend that extra $10 and aren’t ready to give up on cords just yet.

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