First Windows 10 Cloud Build Leaks Online, Download Here


There’s certainly been no lack of buzz surrounding Windows 10 Cloud, an upcoming version of Microsoft’s OS designed to take on the likes of Google’s Chrome OS. It’s been guessed that the OS would only run Windows Store apps, possibly make UWP apps that used to be Win32 from the Store available for use, and likely help Microsoft in their Windows 10 on ARM project succeed. Now, the guessing can stop as the first build of Windows 10 Cloud has leaked online, downloadable by anyone who wants to give it a shot on a secondary or virtual machine.

Early testers have stated that yes, only Windows Store apps are able to run on Windows 10 Cloud, while Project Centennial apps (apps converted from Win32 to UWP) are not yet supported although some can be downloaded but not run. This is understandable since this is likely an early version of the OS, so if you do install the build, expect restricted access to Win32 apps alongside some bugs and instabilities throughout.

Many are also saying Windows 10 Cloud is essentially an updated version of Windows RT for 2017. This I tend to agree with to an extent, but it’s definitely an upgrade over RT since you can have windowed apps and extended app and services support is present.

Some leaked screenshots of Windows 10 Cloud seem to depict some points made here such as windowed apps and inability to run Win32 apps.

If you wanna download the ISO for Windows 10 Cloud and install it on your machine, click here. Remember, this operating system hasn’t even been announced yet, so a lot will change. But since so much information has already surfaced, we can’t help but imagine that Microsoft will formally announce the OS when they release the Windows 10 Creators Update this April.

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