UAG Launched an iPhone 7 into Space to Demo Their New Case


Case manufacturers definitely come up with crazy ways to demo their accessories for smartphones and tablets nowadays, but one of the latest from UAG is pretty nuts.

To show off their new “rugged, lightweight protective” Monarch Series Case, UAG launched an iPhone 7 enclosed in the cover into space strapped to a flight rig connected to a weather balloon. When launched, the phone shot up 120,027 feet above the Earth. The best part? The whole thing was filmed on a camera. In 360 degrees. In 4K. And was published to YouTube.

So why launch a phone into space to prove a point? According to UAG, they were inspired by their November 2014 video of an iPhone 6 launching into space strapped inside one of their cases which racked in over 3 million views at the time. Whether the company just wants to make a little cash or get noticed is yet to be determined, but it’s nonetheless a pretty cool video to watch, especially if you have a Google Cardboard headset.

UAG says the following data was collected during the iPhone 7’s journey into space.

  •      Max Altitude: 120,027’
  •      Temperature at altitude: -17º C
  •       Distance covered: 14.8 miles

The also say both the iPhone and the case were in perfect working order when they landed,  and since we haven’t directly verified this, we’ll have to take their word for it.

One word of warning: don’t try this at home. At least if you don’t think you’re insane.

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