Super Mario Run Gains New ‘Easy Mode’ as 5% of Users Pay the $10 Fee


Super Mario Run seems to have had a good (dare I say it) run so far on the App Store, but we haven’t heard any official numbers as of yet regarding how it’s performing on the market. However, thanks to a new report by The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo seems to have given us some details on how many players of the game there are and who’s buying it.

For starters, there’s been over 78 million downloads on Super Mario Run. This is pretty good for an app that launched less than two months ago, but it doesn’t stop there. According to WSJ, over 5% of players have paid the $10 fee in the game to unlock all the additional levels. This may sound like little, but the case with in-app purchases in other games usually results into less than 5% of players actually spending a dime in their respective stores. Therefore, it looks like people don’t mind paying $10 if it means getting to play a Mario video game on their phone.

Unfortunately, this number still doesn’t meet Nintendo’s expectations, as the company was hoping to have numbers in the double digits at this point. Nevertheless, this is still a good start, and the numbers will do nothing but increase come March when Super Mario Run is released on Android.

In addition to the release of statistic numbers, Nintendo also announced a fresh update arriving for Super Mario Run players. It comes in the form of an ‘Easy Mode’ which apparently takes the pressure off of playing all the levels in the game for a more relaxing experience. Also found in the update are some tweaks to the “Toad Rally” level which will reduce the number of toads lost when you lose a race. The update is now live in the App Store.

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