Report: Google Voice May Soon Integrate Project Fi


Reliable sources to 9to5Google state that Google may be planning on bringing integration of Project Fi with the new Google Voice apps launched last week. It was originally speculated amongst the publication that this was the case, but now Google has given further indication that the feature may be coming.

Requesting further confirmation on the rumor, a statement given to 9to5Google says that Project Fi users should continue to use Hangouts for communication at this time, but they’re “working on a solution” to the implied problem. I’m not sure Fi users find using Hangouts a problem, but it looks like Google does, likely because they’re trying to make the platform more enterprise-focused.

In the statement, Google doesn’t explicitly state that Fi may be moving to the Voice app, but at this time, it looks like it will. Of course, this information isn’t confirmed and should be taken lightly, but in the near future, we may see Fi users use Voice to communicate and finally be able to ditch Hangouts.

This news follows a previous report that VoIP support for Voice would eventually arrive in the native apps, a function currently only found in Hangouts.

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