PSA: The Pixel C is Now Only Available in 64GB for $599


In a mysterious move today, Google has discontinued the 32GB model of the Pixel C tablet from 2015 that went for $499. Now, the only model you can purchase is the 64GB variant which goes for $599, a price that certainly doesn’t help the situation for folks who wanna buy the device but think it’s too expensive.


It’s unclear why Google removed the 32GB model of the Pixel C from their store, but there’s a possibility that the company may be beginning to discontinue the device in favor of a new model arriving sometime this year. We haven’t heard any rumors, mind you, regarding this possibility, so take this with a grain of salt.¬†Nevertheless, if you plan on buying the Pixel C anytime soon, you’ll be forced to get the $599 64GB variant instead, even if you don’t need all that space.

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