Shazam Gains App Shortcuts in Latest Update for Android


Shazam has updated their application for Android with App Shortcut compatibility, a feature first introduced on the Pixel and later carried over to Android 7.1 Nougat. Now, from within either Android 7.1 or via a supported launcher (Pixel Launcher, Nova Launcher, etc), you can long-press on the Shazam icon and quickly access Visual Shazam, Auto Shazam, and Shazam Now.


Now you can scan Shazam Codes with your camera. Codes? What?! Tap the camera icon on your Shazam home screen to learn more!
Android Nougat user? Just press firmly on the Shazam app icon, and you’ll have a shortcut to start Shazaming immediately—so you can now name that tune in one less tap
Don’t forget to keep your Shazams safe and in sync between your devices. Simply create an account and we’ll back up your Shazams so you’ll never lose them.
A feature like this makes sense. Normally when a song’s on you have to know what’s called, you rush into your Shazam app and start frantically tapping the Shazam button. If you don’t do this, you likely have a quick Shazam widget or shortcut on your home screen, but that takes up valuable space. Now, you can have the same functionality from just one icon, and you don’t need to worry whether the app ever loads in time in order to start Shazamming.
You can download the latest version of Shazam for Android free from the Play Store.

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