Google Voice is Getting VoIP Integration on iOS and Android


This past Monday, we saw the material design refresh of Google Voice occur. It took Google 5 years to give Voice the upgrade it desperately needed, so it was really nice to see the Voice app in the Updates section of the Play Store.

However, one major feature I think we’re all missing significantly is voice calling right within the app. As of now, you have to resort to using Google Hangouts to place all your calls via Voice or use the service’s call forwarding feature. Neither of these tools are very efficient, so it would only make sense for Google to implement the function right within the Voice apps for iOS and Android, right? Thankfully, it looks like it’s in the works.

Thanks to a statement handed to 9to5Google, we now know that Google’s “working on” brining VoIP calling to the Voice apps. It’s unclear when we can expect the function, but stay tuned.

Here’s the full statement.

The updated Google Voice app doesn’t have VoIP features — it has the same features for making calls as the existing Google Voice app. Hangouts will ring by default in addition to any forwarding phones on your account, just as it did before. (Again, not a change with the new app.) We are working on VoIP integration.

As previously shared, you don’t need to switch to the new Voice apps if you’re already using your number within Hangouts, but Google recommends doing so in order for you to see new features first. Arguably, this looks like one of the best times to make the switch if you haven’t already.

This news comes as Google attempts to make Hangouts more business- and enterprise-oriented. In a nutshell, this means that consumer-friendly features such as Google Voice integration and third-party service support are going away slowly but surely. Of course, it’ll take some time for everyone to leave Hangouts in favor of other services if they’re heavily invested in it, so it’ll be interesting to see how easy Google makes the transition for consumers.

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