Report: Trump is Still Using His “Old, Unsecure” Android Smartphone to Tweet


A fresh report out of The New York Times claims to contradict with what was previously shared: President Donald Trump is actually still using his “old, unsecured Android phone.”

In regards to the First Lady (Melania Trump) taking their son Barron back home to New York during the week, NYT says Trump has his TV and his old Android smartphone (previously said to be a Samsung-branded handset) to keep him company before his wife and Barron make their way back to The White House on weekends. The President apparently sent the following tweet out from the smartphone in response to a Bill O’ Reilly special.

Previously, it was made known that Mr. Trump had traded in his old Android for a new, more secure smartphone (make and model unknown) with a new number only a few people had. However, it now looks like instead of getting rid of it, The Donald decided to keep his supposedly unsecure Android handset so he could do one main thing: tweet. There’s even talks that he’s actively receiving phone calls on it, something that poses a seriously high risk for someone like the president.

There’s currently no word on whether Trump will have to soon destroy the “old, unsecure Android phone” since it poses such a high risk of security, but I think we can assume that probably won’t happen since Trump’s a tweeter, no question about it. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone shut off the number assigned to the handset or place a security software on it so the President could tweet in safety. Nevertheless, it looks like Trump will be taking some risks while sitting in the Oval Office, as if that wasn’t already clear.

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