Google Now Lets Anyone Build and Submit Daydream VR Apps


Google has officially opened up development and submissions for third-party developer-built Daydream VR apps. A complete page on their Google Developers website gives interested parties all the details on how to go about doing so, but in a nutshell, it’s essentially just like building and submitting an Android app as you’re still sending your software to the Play Store. You can also view Daydream requirements here.

By opening the Daydream platform to third-party developers, Google’s in-house solution to virtual reality will have more room to grow. As always, new platforms take a bit of time to grow properly, but with a Daydream View headset costing just $79 (and as of most recently, $49) and Daydream support stretching to more devices via software updates, it looks like Daydream will be one of the leaders in the VR market.

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