Google Chrome Now Defaults to HTML5 for All


With the version 56 update, Google has enabled Chrome to default to HTML5-based rendering for better speed and security. This means that content still using Flash won’t display immediately and instead will require your manual authorization to run.

This update comes as HTML5 begins to ultimately take the place of Adobe Flash. As we’ve seen in recent memory, Flash is surely dying off slowly, but as more and more actions like this take place, we’ll soon see the eventual death of older rendering solutions and enjoy the speed and better overall security of HTML5. Of course, this will likely take some time, but at the rate we’re going, kids of 2020 may have never even heard of Flash.

In addition, HTTP sites which collect passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive information are now marked ‘Not Secured’ in order to promote the future use of HTTP, yet another security solution to better the experience of internet interaction. And specifically targeted towards Mac users, FLAC audio files can now be played right within Chrome.

Chrome 56 is now rolling out to Mac, Windows, and Linux users, while Android, iOS, and Chrome OS users can expect the update over the coming weeks.

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