Dell Made a Ginormous 86-inch Touch Monitor to Compete with the Surface Hub

Dell Blue C5518QT

Dell announced today the lauch of two new monitors, with one measuring 55-inches and the other a whopping 86-inches. Obviously, you’d look pretty weird with a 86-inch monitor on your desk (and a 55-inch monitor, for that matter), so what’s their deal? Well, as it appears, Dell wants to try to compete with Microsoft’s Surface Hub which comes in two size (55-inches and 84-inches) and is built for classrooms and meetings. Unfortunately, Dell’s monitors don’t come with a PC built inside, but on the other hand, the user gets to decide which computers connect to the displays and when rather one dedicated built-in unit.

Dell Blue C5518QT

Regarding the specs of the monitors, both the Dell 55 and Dell 86 come with 4K resolutions, Dell’s InGlass touch technology, two included styluses, an anti-glare and anti-smudge coating, “multiple ports,” and the option to incorporate a Dell OptiPlex Micro desktop without the need for another cord.

Dell says both monitors will be available for purchase from March 30, 2017 at The 55-inch model will cost “under $5,000,” while the Dell 86 will retail for “under $11,000.”

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