Samsung is Keeping the Snapdragon 835 Out of a Lot of Upcoming Phones, Including the LG G6


In a new Forbes report, word has surfaced that Samsung is essentially hoarding a large quantity of Snapdragon 835 processors, blocking access to the chipset by nearly every smartphone company, particularly LG who will reportedly be launching the upcoming G6 with a 2016 Snapdragon 821. This means that until the launch date of the Galaxy S8 (supposedly April 14th), OEMs won’t be able to use the 835 for their smartphones and instead will need to resort to the less-powerful 821.

It’s unclear just how much faster the 835 will be than the 821, but there’s probably not a major difference. We’ve already seen the 821 in the Google Pixel and OnePlus 3T and can decide that this is one of the fastest mobile processors to date, but it would nevertheless be nice to see phones such as the G6 come with the chipset simply for the sake of it being 2017. Of course, if LG were to install the 835 in the G6, they’d have to delay the launch of the handset which is currently scheduled for March, roughly a month before the company will have access to the chipset. Therefore, it’ll be interesting to see exactly what LG will do regarding the situation.

But why does Samsung have early access to the 835 anyway? According to Forbes, it’s all about the two companies’ ongoing partnership. If you recall, a few years ago, Samsung agreed to manufacture Qualcomm’s chipsets, and out of the partnership, Samsung was granted access to the Snapdragon 820 early during the time the 810 was reaching more and more smartphones. It’s the same case here. Samsung just happens to have “first dibs,” as Forbes put it.

For those wanting a phone with a Snapdragon 835 chipset early into 2017, it looks like you’ll be waiting until at least April for the Galaxy S8. Fans of LG, HTC, and more may/will be let down this year with a previous-generation processor being packed into their handset, a most unfortunate occurrence due to Samsung’s partnership with Qualcomm. Of course, some may delay smartphone launches for the sake of waiting for the 835, but that also means you’ll be waiting too. Overall, this is a pretty lose-lose situation no one is likely a fan of.

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