Huawei Will Reportedly Launch a New Android Wear 2.0 Watch at MWC 2017


A fresh report out of VentureBeat claims that Huawei is gearing up to introduce the sequel to 2015’s Huawei Watch this year at Mobile World Congress 2017. The wearable, simply called the Huawei Watch 2, will reportedly feature a “sportier” appearance when compared to the previous model, while the timepiece will reportedly measure in at 42-millimeters thick and a 1.4-inch round display.

It’s also said that both leather and stainless steel straps will be offered for users who like different styles, with one model reportedly featuring cellular connectivity thanks to a permanent SIM card being installed. This way, if one moves away from his/her phone or goes out of range with their Wi-Fi connection, you’ll still be able to place calls and receive a data connection.

In addition, the Huawei Watch 2 will come with Android Wear 2.0, marking the third supposed smartwatch (right next to LG’s upcoming hardware) to run the OS.

While it’s likely we’ll see this watch debut at MWC, VentureBeat says a launch date for the Huawei Watch 2 at this event isn’t set in stone. Therefore, take this information with a grain of salt at least until further notice.

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