Google I/O 2017 Will Be Held May 17th-19th


Google’s fun, right? Like “tear your hair out” fun? Because that’s exactly how I’d describe their way of announcing this year’s dates for I/O 2017.

In a tweet sent out by their developers account, Google has teased their upcoming developer conference I/O 2017. A cryptic link is visible which directs users to a save-the-date webpage which then directs you to a GitHub repository that provides access to five different puzzles. 9to5Google and Android Police are responsible for finishing this project which involved coordinates and a chess board in order to pass, but once completed, the latter publication was greeted with the dates for I/O 2017: May 17th-19th.


Unfortunately, no further details regarding the location of I/O this year or ticket pricing has been announced, but luckily Google has refreshed the I/O website for 2017. But again, no additional details have been shared.

That said, developers who are able to crack this puzzle are added to a contest where they can presumably win tickets to I/O 2017. This isn’t confirmed, but it’s the most realistic guess so far.

Of course, we’ll be covering further developments regarding I/O 2017 as time progresses, so stay tuned.

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