LG’s G6 and Android Wear 2.0 Watch Leak via New Photos


This afternoon, leaks surfaced via The Verge and TechnoBuffalo regarding the upcoming LG G6 and new Android Wear 2.0 watches, respectively. In the leaks, we receive our first purportedly “official” looks at what each of the new devices will look like when they’re announced next month.


Starting with the former, The Verge‘s leak is of a photo depicting the top portion of the G6, showing off its variety of sensors and slim screen-to-body ratio. As previously reported, the G6 will feature a 5.7-inch 2:1 QHD+ display, a rumor the publication can confirm is true. They go on to say that the body of the phone will be glass and metal, it’ll feature a headphone jack; waterproofing will be present; the battery will no longer be replaceable; and modularity as featured in the G5 will not be present this time around. In addition, the same array of the dual cameras and fingerprint sensor featured on the G5 will return for the G6.

The LG G6, according to The Verge who can confirm, will be announced on February 26th during MWC 2017.


Regarding the latter, TechnoBuffalo‘s source has given them pictures of the upcoming Watch Style and Watch Sport. They don’t offer any additional spec details that weren’t already surfaced via a separate VentureBeat report last week, but the publication notes that both watches will be metallic, the Sport will feature three buttons along the right side, and the Style will feature a single crown. It’s unclear what type of functionality this added hardware will offer, but let’s hope it’ll be useful.

The new watches will be announced during a press conference held by Google to show off Android Wear 2.0 in early February.

All in all, LG’s upcoming devices seem to be real competitors in their respective categories. With the G6, LG will be offering a proper flagship this time around, while the new watches will showcase Android Wear 2.0 for better or for worse. Of course, as we get closer to the second month of 2017, count on MBEDDED to deliver the latest updates on the gadgets.

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