Apple Facing Class-Action Lawsuit to Implement Lock-Out System for iPhone While Driving


Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit in the state of California (via AppleInsider) over a distracted driver who was involved in a car crash because she was distracted by her iPhone. The lawsuit was filed at the Los Angeles County Superior Court by MLG Automotive Law and notes that while Apple has had the technology to disable one’s iPhone while driving since 2008, they continuously fail to implement it as they fear market share value will be lost since no one else is doing the same.

Julio Ceja of Costa Mesa, California is noted as the victim in the accident due to a distracted iPhone user rear-ending him, while an alleged 52,000 accidents are caused by this particular smartphone, with roughly 312 of them resulting into at least one person’s death each year. This is only in the state of California, mind you, so that much is much higher when combined with other state’s statistics.

With this lawsuit, hopes that Apple will halt all sales of the iPhone in California until implementation of some sort of lock-out software for when one is driving are high as that’s the main purpose of the action. It’s unclear how much Apple would need to pay if they don’t comply, but as you can imagine, until Apple’s “ready,” I’m sure they’ll pay whatever’s necessary.

The suit goes on to note that over 1.5 million people text and drive at any given moment, with The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration classifying the action as six times more dangerous than drunk driving. MLG Automotive Law founding member Jonathan Michaels had the following to say regarding the matter.

Texting and driving has become one of the most serious issues that confronts all of us on a daily basis. Legislating against drivers will unfortunately not solve the problem.

The relationship consumers have with their phones is just too great, and the ability to slide under the eye of the law is just too easy. Embedding lock-out devices is the only solution.

As a side note, one foundation I believe in is The Toni Donato Bolis & Baby RJ Foundation. It’s built to create awareness of texting and driving and how operating a vehicle while distracted is so dangerous. Toni was hit by a driver on his phone who didn’t have the courtesy to drop his phone for a few minutes in order to properly drive his car. This resulted in both Toni’s death and her yet-to-be-born son RJ who was due within the next few days. I and my team at MBEDDED feel for the family and would appreciate if you’d visit the foundation’s website and remember one thing: put the phone down.

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