LG’s New 18:9 QHD+ Display Will Be Used for the G6


Via a press release, LG Display today announced a new screen that’ll be used in the company’s next flagship smartphone, the LG G6. It measures in at 5.7 inches and features a QHD+ resolution, good for 2880×1440 pixels. But one interesting factor about the display isn’t its size or resolution, but it’s aspect ratio.

For the G6, LG will be switching over from a 16:9 aspect ratio to a taller 18:9 aspect ratio, a measurement not commonly found on smartphones. Apparently, LG’s goal with the new screen will be to provide as much screen realistate possible with minimal bezels along the top, bottom, left, and right sides. This is similar to Xiaomi’s approach with the Mi Mix, a phone with a gigantic display but with minimal bezels and an aspect ratio of 17:9.

The reason for the Mi Mix’s 17:9 ratio is due to the Android software navigation keys found on the bottom which take up valuable screen room, leaving users with a 16:9 viewing experience. Since LG wants to take things a step further with an 18:9 panel, we may come to see something new being done with the display that’ll leave users with a similar 16:9 viewing field, but as of now, nothing is confirmed let alone rumored.

Regarding other specs of the panel, LG’s new display is now 10% brighter than the one found on the G5, is 30% more power efficient, has better touch response thanks to built-in inTOUCH technology, and is just 1mm thin.

As we’re only roughly a month away from MWC 2017 (the likely location where LG will take the wraps off the G6), stay tuned to MBEDDED for future developments.

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