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This Printer Uses Thermal Heat to Print Your Photos

There a lot of interesting things at CES, however this particular device stands out. You might think what could be interesting about a printer, but the Nemonic printer is actually pretty cool: it uses thermal heat to print instead of ink.


By using thermal heat to print, the Nemonic printer can save you some cash on ink, even though it’s just a little, portable printer to get those Instagram photos on a physical piece of paper on the fly. The paper (which doubles as a sticky note) it uses to print on is pretty thin, however it’s quite cheap at only $4 for 200 sheets.

The printer connects via Bluetooth to your phone and uses a companion app (on both Android and iOS). Using the app, you can use preset templates or use your own picture to print. The printer itself will cost $120 when it comes out later this year.


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