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Hulu Scores CBS Deal to Offer Even More Content

Hulu is fighting hard to get higher in the streaming game, as they have been busy acquiring multiple deals to enlarge their offering, such as making an exclusive deal with Disney to get over 50 films into their catalog.

Now, the streaming service has announced a new agreement with CBS America’s largest broadcast network, allowing it to show on-demand and live programming from CBS. This deal will also include CBS sports coverage, specials, and some paid offerings.

“With the addition of the CBS channels, subscribers to Hulu’s new live service will have access to popular programming, including Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Big Brother, Blue Bloods and 60 Minutes, both live and on-demand.”

CBS launched their own paid service, CBS All-Access, in 2014. After this, other partnerships seemed unlikely, however Hulu has proven this wrong. AT&T’s DirecTV Now launched a short time ago, but without offering CBS, saying what CBS asks for retransmission is not at all reasonable. However, after the deal with Hulu became public, CBS CEO Les Moonves said they’ll be able to figure something out with AT&T.

Hulu hasn’t clarified a date for the release of the new content on their subscription service other than saying it will launch in the “coming months”.


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