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Cadillac’s New Subscription Service Lets You Swap Cars Up to 18 Times a Year


We’re used to seeing subscription services for movies, television shows, music, and even video games, but a new service created by Cadillac takes this concept to a new market: cars.

It’s called Book by Cadillac, and it literally allows people to swap out their car up to 18 times a year via an app on their phone. Think of it as Netflix but for cars. You get to drive whatever car you want when you want for a certain amount of money each month.

And yes, that certain amount of money isn’t low. In fact, it’s $1,500, but it covers much more than the car itself. Subscribers don’t have to pay insurance, registration, or even maintenance as that’s all included in the $1,500/month fee. You don’t even have to sign a contract so you can cancel at any time you’d like.

As aforementioned, you can only swap out your car up to 18 times a year and up to one time per day, but I can’t imagine someone actually having to do this more frequently. In addition, requested swaps for the next day need to be sent in by 3PM on the day before.

Regarding who exactly drops off your car, white-glove concierge service will bring your new Caddy over to the location you specified when requesting the vehicle. Plus, Cadillac says you can swap whenever you want, so every day for 18 days, you can have a new Cadillac to show off to all your friends.

In addition, no mileage restrictions are present, you need to be in possession of your car at all times, you can’t use the vehicles for operating under services such as Uber or Lyft, and only current-year vehicles such as the XT5, CT6, Escalade, and V Series can be requested. The latter condition shouldn’t be a problem to anyone (seriously, who doesn’t wanna drive the most recent Cadillac?), but it was worth noting nonetheless.

So why make a subscription service for cars, anyway? Cadillac says one of their main goals with Book by Cadillac is to eliminate the stress and effort of owning and maintaining your own car, something I’m sure many of you can testify to. In addition, as noted by The Verge, most Cadillacs lease for around $750/month before insurance and other additional costs anyway, so a $1,500/month fee to have access to whatever Cadillac you want at any time you want looks a bit more pleasing.

The New York metro area will be the first to gain access to Book by Cadillac, while other markets will see the service launch soon.


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