Samsung’s Galaxy S8 May Come with a ‘Beastly’ 8GB of RAM


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With 2017 being just days away at this point, more and more rumors about what next year in smartphones will bestow have begun churning up more than ever before. This next report, according to a Weibo blogger, fits right into this analogy.

In the blog post, the user suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature a massive 8GB of RAM. This is double of what comes standard in most major flagship smartphones released in 2016 and is certainly more than enough for a phone.

With the added RAM, the Galaxy S8 would likely become the fastest phone on the market thanks to the assumed Snapdragon 835 also supposedly being loaded in. Even overseas, there’s rumors that a new Exynos processor will make its way into the S8, so regardless, you’ll be getting some pretty nice speeds. This rumor would also fall in line with the recently trademarked ‘Beast Mode’ that would reportedly allow users to flick a switch on the S8 and start using all the processing and RAM power built into the handset. Therefore, it’s likely that all 8GB of the RAM won’t be used continuously. Only when necessary.

In addition, other rumors suggest the S8 will use the fast UFS 2.1 flash memory, creating an even faster phone when paired with the specs listed above. This will all be necessary if previous reports are correct stating the S8 will feature a 4K display.

Would you buy the S8 if it had 8GB of RAM?


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