Google’s ‘Really Blue’ Pixel is Back in Stock


Back at their October event, Google announced a special color option for the Pixel and Pixel XL: ‘Really Blue.’ This is a very unique model which features a bright blue finish with a white front plate, a combination not many phones (especially flagship phones in the US) have nowadays. This lead to many people wanting in on the exclusivity of the variant as the company said the color was a limited edition. After all units were swamped up by the hungry public, there was question as to whether Google would restock or not. Luckily, the company said they would, and it now looks like they’ve fulfilled their promise as the 5-inch Pixel with 32GB of storage is once again available in ‘Really Blue.’


It’s unclear if third-party retailers such as Best Buy and Verizon will restock on the special edition Pixel, but at this time, it seems unlikely. Therefore, if you still want Google’s latest handset in a 5-inch form factor with a ‘Really Blue’ shade, click here. By the way, it’s still $649.

For those wanting a Pixel XL, there’s currently no word on when it’ll become available again through Google as the company is still out of stock. Of course, we’ll let you know when/if the phone becomes available straight through Google again, so stay tuned.

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