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Behold the Glossy Black Galaxy S7

Apple made headlines when they released their most recent smartphones, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, in a new Jet Black finish. This color option features a glossy finish and dark black tint that gives the handsets a stealthy look while also being pretty flashy. Due to the success of said color option, many manufacturers may want to get in on the action, namely Samsung.

Recent rumors have suggested that the company may release their successful Galaxy S7 lineup in a new glossy black color option. Now, we have our first look at said handset via photos uploaded to Weibo and collected by SamMobile.

Behold the glossy black Galaxy S7.

As you can see in the images above, a glossy black finish is found all around the body of the Galaxy S7. It’s most visible on the rear of the device as this part is the most bare. The frame around the phone is now a dark black shade opposed to the lighter, silver-y shade found on the Black Onyx S7, while a deeper shade seems to be present over the Black Onyx overall.

It’s unclear just what changes Samsung has made with this glossy black Galaxy S7 like whether they’re using a different, possibly painted glass for the front and rear or if the device is now more prone to scratches and scuffs like the iPhone. Heck, Samsung may have just hit “Extra black” on their manufacturing machine and decided to release the phone in it’s now stealthier outfit. Still, we have yet to hear whether this model is even official, but stay tuned nevertheless.

Would you buy a glossy black Galaxy S7?


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