Download Every Single Element of the Google Pixel Here [Update #3: Google Camera with HDR+]

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Roughly a month and a half ago, word came in that the official Google Pixel and Pixel XL system images had leaked before their initial release just days later. We couldn’t help ourselves, so we dove head-first inside them to see what we could extract and hopefully use on our own devices to make them similar to Google’s latest offerings. And since we run a technology-based news site, we had to tell you guys about it.

We wrote up four different articles regarding the leaked system images, each with a different element of the Pixel and Pixel XL available for download. And unsurprisingly, you guys really appreciated this. In fact, the articles blew up so much that they’re still trending on MBEDDED to this day. Therefore, building off of the success of these pieces, we thought we’d offer you guys a hub that curates everything you can download and load onto your device to transform your phone into a Google Pixel.

Below are download links to every file shared via these articles, while other elements such as the official wallpaper have also been added. And while we weren’t able to extract the Google Assistant ourselves, we added a link to Google Allo, the messaging app with the Assistant built in, for your convenience.

Enough with the chit-chat. Download away.

System Images

Flashable ZIPs



Notification Sounds


UI Sounds



Boot Animation

Google Allo

If there’s any other elements or files you’d like access to or if we missed something here, email us at


5 Replies to “Download Every Single Element of the Google Pixel Here [Update #3: Google Camera with HDR+]”

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