You Can Buy Snap Inc.’s Spectacles from Vending Machines Starting Today


Snaps Inc. made headlines back in September when they unveiled their new accessory for Snapchatters everywhere called Spectacles. These glasses include a built-in camera that connects wirelessly to your smartphone and allows you to instantly begin recording video or taking photos to send as Snaps instantly afterwards. It’s a rather interesting idea, and it’s now coming to market… in an interesting way.

See that thing in the picture above that looks exactly like a Minion? It’s called a Snapbot, and it’s the only place you can buy Spectacles. The bot works just like a vending machine, so there’s nothing complicated about the buying process of this accessory whatsoever. The only caveat is that you’ll have to know when a bot reaches your location as the only one currently in operation is one at Snap Inc.’s headquarters near Venice Beach in California. A trackable map can be found here.


You’ll also have to know when that Snapbot goes into service. Only for one day will you be able to buy Spectacles from a bot where you live, so be sure to hurry.

While at these Snapbots, interested customers will also be able to “try on” Spectacles using the cameras and display built into the machines. It works just like Snapchat’s AR filters that come preloaded in their app, so this way you’ll be able to see whether you look stupid with them on or not. I’d probably take this step if I were you just so you know if you actually look good in $129 sunglasses.

If any new information comes in, we’ll let you know.

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