LG Says They’re Not Ditching Modularity for the G6 After All


A few days ago, a report by ETNews surfaced claiming LG was abandoning their modular design first debuted as a part of this year’s G5 handset announced back in February. The reason behind this possible move was likely due to poor sales of the G5. Plus, the company didn’t exactly perfect their modular design as there’s plenty of flaws found all over. However, according to an email sent to CNET by a spokesperson at LG, the Korean giant has no plans to ditch modularity any time soon.

On Monday[…] LG reiterated it has made “no such decision” to discontinue the G5’s modular structure.

According to the email, talks of not going with a modular approach for the G6 would be made in the development phase, meaning LG could or could not opt for the G5’s modularity in the end. Therefore, technically, they’re neither confirming or denying the G6 will feature a modular design. All they’ve said is that they’re not scrapping modularity. Everything is still up the air at this point until a few weeks before the product’s announcement.

“We always look at multiple smartphone designs/features in the development phase,” wrote LG spokesman Ken Hong in an email. “The green light is given to the final design only weeks before we make an announcement… As of today, all this talk of what we may or may not do is speculative, at best.”

Even if LG went with a modular design for the G6, things would need to change. For one, the “Friends” would need to be simpler to put on and take off as right now, many struggle taking their phones apart. In addition, a design where (maybe, just maybe) you don’t have to power down your handset before attaching a new piece (like what Lenovo did with the Moto Z) would likely be more favored over the current design that requires physically removing the battery. Finally, overall, the design simply needs to be cleaner because with one look, you’ll realize the G5 is pretty clunky looking with its seams and various tones everywhere. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m not the biggest fan of LG’s approach to modularity, so hopefully if they do opt for a modular design for the G6, things will get a lot better.

What do you think? Will LG opt for modularity on the G6 or let it take a breather? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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