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LeEco’s Four New Android TVs Range from $649 to $4999

During today’s US launch event for LeEco, the company unveiled four new televisions all powered by Google’s Android TV platform. These TVs range in price from $649 to $4999 and come in screen sizes from 43 inches to 85 inches.

Starting with the cheapest option, the Super4 X43 costs $649 and features a 43-inch 4K display. A quad-core ARM CPU and GPU are present alongside 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage for applications. Harman Kardon speakers are also present in this TV, while HDR is supported by the device’s screen. However, we don’t know at this time whether both HDR formats are supported.

Regarding the Super4 X55 and X65, these TV sets feature the same specs as the X43 however differ in screen size and price. The former of the two has a 55-inch screen while the latter has a 65-inch screen. Pricing wise, the X55 costs $899 and the X65 has a tag valued at $1399.

The last of the four TVs announced by LeEco was one called the uMax85. This set features an 85-inch 4K display, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, HDR10 and Dolby Vision, and Harman Kardon speakers alongside Dolby Digital Plus. This is clearly the superior of the four sets as the specs are much more powerful and the price is significantly higher at $4999.

As an added bonus, LeEco also announced a streaming set-top-box called the LeTV Box U4. This device has 4K output support, a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of on-board storage. Netflix, HBO, and Hulu are all accessible through the OS loaded on this device, while $79 is all you’ll have to pay for it when it goes on sale in November.

November 2nd is the release date of all four Android TVs announced by LeEco, while is the place where you can buy them all. For more on these devices, click on the links in the sourcing below.


Max Buondonno is a technology enthusiast who has been working as a journalist in this industry for more than a year. He has grown up in the age where everyone has a smartphone which has influenced his decision to become a professional technology writer, his passion in life. He's dipped his toes in the development of websites, while you can ask him anything about Apple, Google, or Microsoft and he's bond to give you an answer. He's reachable on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and email.

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