Download Plenty of Leaked APKs from the Google Pixel Here, Including the Official Pixel Launcher, Camera, Phone, More

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This morning word came in that the official system images that’ll come preloaded on the Pixel and Pixel XL when they begin shipping had leaked online, so obviously we got our hands on them and began investigating. We weren’t surprised with what we found as there’s the usual files necessary to make an Android device run, different elements to provide feedback to the user, and of course a ton of APKs. So many APKs, in fact, that we can’t write about every single one we found without having our articles become overwhelming. Therefore, this is the place where you can download a majority of the APKs leaked via the Google Pixel system image.

It’s worth noting that most of these APKs probably won’t work on your device as they’re strictly built for the Pixel smartphone, however we haven’t been able to test out the apps on a device running Android Nougat as we only have access to ones running Marshmallow 6.0.1 and 6.0. Hence, you may have better luck than we did in our testing.

These APKs vary from the built-in Phone app to the baseline version of Gmail that’ll ship on the Pixel. However, one that’s been highly requested is the official Pixel Launcher APK. And thankfully, we were able to extract this file in a safe way so anyone can install it. As it may seem obvious, there’s practically no change between this version and the one leaked last month. Nevertheless, this way you will be running the official Pixel Launcher from Google and not one “off the street,” if you will.

We also found inside the Google Pixel image file the new, official wallpaper picker that’s pretty different this time around. With this APK (that’s necessary to install alongside the Pixel Launcher), you’ll have access to new wallpapers in each category given alongside all the stock wallpapers found on the Pixels. You can view screenshots of this app below.

In addition, an APK called “LatinIMEGooglePrebuilt” was also discovered which is an update to the Google Keyboard. This new version includes two additional themes and some interface tweaks that includes bolder text, new icons for switches, and more. You’ll surely notice the difference if you install this app on your device. If you don’t plan on doing this, just take a look at the screenshots below.

Anyway, enough with this. If you wanna check out these and many more APKs leaked via the Google Pixel system image, click the links below (in no particular order).

Editor’s Note: These APKs come from the Pixel ‘Sailfish’ system image, not the Pixel XL ‘Marlin’ image.


18 Replies to “Download Plenty of Leaked APKs from the Google Pixel Here, Including the Official Pixel Launcher, Camera, Phone, More”

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  2. Marcel says:

    Why can’t I swipe to the left in the Pixel Launcher although it says Google Now Swipe activated, therefore I (still) have to use the Google Experience Launcher. Is it just me?

  3. Ishan says:

    Add a widget to new slide after that u can swipe probably u have to first insert a slide by putting a widget in it

  4. TR says:

    I downloaded the wallpaper apk, but I don’t have the new category “sky high” or new element.

  5. guidolamanna says:

    I hace the same question. How do I install the Pixel Launcher as a system app?

  6. farhan ali says:

    The new phone app is nice!

  7. Waffle says:

    Running 5.1 on a droid turbo and can’t get the pixel launcher to work. Is this because it’s 6.0 or 7.0+ only?

  8. Jean Michel Tanvir says:

    Me I can’t use launcher pixel and keyboard on my moto x 2014

  9. Joshua Baldassarre says:

    1- phone app crashes after install?
    2- how to install rounded icons?

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