BlackBerry DTEK60 Leaks via Press Shots, Shows Off More Premium Design Compared to DTEK50


Even though BlackBerry said this morning that they’re done making their own smartphones, that’s not stopping them from still releasing them. And their upcoming handset called the DTEK60 is no exception. We’ve seen this device’s specs leak via BlackBerry themselves alongside an FCC filing. Even the official logo in high-resolution made its way online. Now, new press shots claiming to show off the yet-to-be-announced device seem to give us our first truly official look at what this new premium handset will bring to the table.


As you can see above, much more premium materials seem to be in use for the DTEK60 over the all-plastic design of the DTEK50. A metal or aluminum frame appears to be along the sides of the phone, the camera, fingerprint sensor, and other elements, while chamfered edges seem to blend the sides with the front and back of the device. This should add an extra layer of gripability. In addition, a possible glass back plate seems to be in use, however we can’t confirm this is the material being used. Nevertheless, something reflective looks to be on the back of this handset as the left and right sides of the phone are shiny.

The fingerprint sensor of the DTEK60 appears to be mounted to the back which is always nice to have as it’s a natural place for your index finger to rest while using your phone. The same convenience key found on the DTEK50 can also be found along the right side of the phone, while the power and volume buttons look to be at the top left and right of the phone, respectively. Stereo speakers may also be on this device as two grilles on the top and bottom of the 60 appear to be present, but obviously the bottom cut out may be simply for microphone pick up. We’ll have to wait until this device is announced for more on that.

Other than these notable features found in the image above, there’s not much else to talk about regarding this DTEK60 leak. As October 11th seems to be the date this phone will be announced, we expect plenty more leaks and rumors to surface online in the mean time. Stay tuned to MBEDDED for the latest.

The BlackBerry DTEK60 is expected to run Android Marshmallow and feature a 5.5-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 21MP camera, 32GB of storage, a USB-C port, a fingerprint sensor, and a 3000mAh battery.

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