Google Pixel XL Press Shot Leaks Online, View Here


Just yesterday, we reported that a leaked press shot claimed to give us our first official look at Google’s upcoming Pixel smartphone. The image appeared to represent a rather ordinary front side of a smartphone along with the recently leaked Pixel Launcher paired with newly discovered round icons that will soon make their way to Android devices. It’s been believed by many that this is indeed a Pixel we’re looking at, so this factor helps this new leak by VentureBeat a lot in terms of legitimacy as this new photo claims to show the upcoming Pixel XL handset.

As you can see on the left above, the Pixel XL seems to feature the same interface as the Pixel (seen on the right) with round icons and Pixel Launcher alongside relatively the same front. Obviously, we don’t get much from these images, but they do give us some insight into what the phones should/will look like.

As the date of October 4th approaches (the time when the Pixel and Pixel XL will be announced), we’ll have coverage on any future developments regarding this topic. Stay tuned to MBEDDED for more.

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