Microsoft Made Another Nokia Phone Which Costs $37


In case you didn’t hear, Microsoft today announced a new phone. And yes, it’s a Nokia. It’s called the Nokia 216, and it costs just about $37. The reason? This phone is a simple feature phone with some internet capabilities.


Spec wise, the Nokia 216 is made of plastic with a glass front and features a 2.4-inch QVGA display, 16MB of RAM (seriously), a 0.3 camera on both the front and rear, a 1020mAh battery that can apparently stand by for up to 24 days, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a microUSB port for charging, a microSD card slot for storage, and an OS called Series 30+ which runs apps like a basic calculator, alarm, calendar, and even the Opera browser and Facebook thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. All in all, this thing isn’t gonna tear you through the twenty different Word documents you and your team’s working on, but it will allow you to access basic services like music playback and internet connectivity.

One reason why the Nokia 216 is designed with a basic mindset is due to it launching exclusively in an emerging market: India. That’s right, folks. I really hope you weren’t planning on buying this thing here in the States, because those of you in India will be the only ones able to pick this puppy up. Like I said before, the price of this guy is around $37 USD, while availability isn’t known as of yet. We will, however, let you know if that information is obtained.

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