Customers Can Begin Exchanging Their Galaxy Note 7s Tomorrow


Via a press release today, Samsung has confirmed that the first batch of replacement units for people who have bought the Galaxy Note 7 have been shipped out to carriers and retailers in the US. This means that starting tomorrow, September 21st, customers can visit the outlet from where they bought their Note 7 and exchange it for free. But why exchange it? Because your phone could blow up.

Yes, folks. This news follows the recent reports of Samsung’s latest handset blowing up and catching fire thanks to overheating from the Note 7’s faultily-placed battery and power system. A software update to cap the charge allowed back into the phone is currently rolling out which could prove to be a temporary fix, however Samsung and even the US government (who has also recalled the handset) at this point recommend powering down your current Note 7 and exchanging it for a new, repaired model. 500,000 updated units of the handset will be made available through carriers and retailers like Best Buy, while no charge will be present when you exchange your device for a new one.


In addition, to indicate which devices are safe and which aren’t, Samsung’s currently rolling out a second software update to the Note 7 which will highlight the battery status in the task bar green if the handset is safe for use. If it isn’t, the battery indicator will remain gray and you’ll see this message pop up on your screen:


If this doesn’t indicate that you should swap out your phone for a new one, I don’t know what does.

All in all, it looks like there is a light at the end of Samsung’s dark, flame-filled tunnel. Of course, we likely won’t see the end of this tragic Note 7 story until next month when the device is rumored to go back on sale here in the US, but this is a start.

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