It’s Official: Google’s Next Event is Scheduled for Oct. 4th, Likely to Unveil News Pixel Phones


At the beginning of this month, a report came out stating that Google’s next event to unveil the upcoming Pixel smartphones alongside a suite of other products is scheduled for October 4th. While we had no concrete evidence this was true, we simply took it with a grain of salt. However, in a new teaser video uploaded to YouTube by Google, the company confirms that at least some type of phone will be launching on this very date.

One way to tell there’s a phone or two popping up at Google’s event is to look at the video below. If you watch the full teaser, you’ll notice that the search bar is morphed into a rectangle (which is also the shape of a smartphone) standing in portrait mode. At the end, a Google “G” logo can be seen to the right while the Oct. 4th date appears on the left. This gives the indication that we’ll see some type of phone show up at Google’s big fall 2016 event this year. However, this is the only hint we get from this teaser. Literally, nothing else can be found.



One thing worth noting is the fact that a new webpage by Google has gone live. The web address is, and it seems to show the same rectangle silhouette found in the end of the above video, only this time with multiple scrolling wallpapers shuffled at random. We’re assuming this represents some of the built-in wallpapers that’ll be included in the upcoming Pixel smartphones, however we don’t know this for sure.



Another factor worth noting is the length of the event. See, Google’s rumored to talk about two phones (the Pixel and Pixel XL), Google Home, Daydream VR, and a new 4K-enabled Chromecast. However, when adding the event to my calendar via this link, I noticed that the event’s scheduled to run just 15 minutes. Why this is so is beyond me, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the runtime results into in the end. Who knows, this could be a simple mistake Google made while creating this invitation. I tend to doubt that, but you never know.

As always, we’ll have full coverage of October 4th’s announcements and ones leading up to it right here on MBEDDED. Stay tuned for the latest!

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