Deal: You Can Now Buy a Year of Apple Music for $99.99


As of now, Apple’s giving customers the option to subscribe to their music streaming service called Apple Music for an entire year, paying just $99.99. Originally, the price of 12 months of Apple Music was $119.88 for a single person. That’s a savings of 17%. So technically, you’re kinda getting 2 months free with the purchase of 10 at once.


So how does one get a year of Apple Music for just $99.99? Well, first off, you can’t via iOS or macOS inside the Music app or iTunes. You’ll need to pick up a gift card. Luckily, Apple’s beginning to sell the discounted music subscription in the form of gift cards at their many retail locations around the world. It’s worth noting that the cards seem to be rolling out pretty slowly and only to some stores at this point, so you may wanna give your local brick-and-morter Apple a call before heading over to pick one up.

It’s also worth noting that the $99 Apple Music gift cards are currently available over on eBay and Walmart’s online store (for some reason). So if someone’s birthday or a special occasion is coming up, head over to those sites and grab a gift card that’ll keep on giving the whole year.

Will you be picking up a $99.99 Apple Music gift card any time soon? Let us know in the comments!

Via: 9to5Mac

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