Report: Google’s Next Phones Will Be Called the Pixel & Pixel XL


Android Police has released a report that will likely come as a shock to you if you haven’t been following recent accounts in the world of the 2016 Nexus devices. Or should I say, the 2016 Pixel devices…

According to two independent sources, AP claims that Google’s 2016 handsets will be called the Pixel and Pixel XL. The publication believes firmly that these are the naming choices Google ultimately decided on, so we may be able to call this report truthful.

Speaking to two independent sources, we now strongly believe that Google’s formerly-maybe-Nexus-phones, Marlin and Sailfish, will be marketed as the Pixel and the Pixel XL. We do not have pricing information. At this time, it is unknown to us when Google decided to shift its in-house smartphone brand from Nexus to Pixel or why (though speculation will likely run wild).

For reference, the standard Pixel will be, according to AP, the 5-inch ‘Sailfish’ that’s been highly rumored, while the upgraded Pixel XL will take the place of ‘Marlin’, the 5.5-inch device we’ve seen swimming (get it?) around lately. Specs for the devices can be found here and here, respectively.

So why change the name of the Nexus from Nexus to Pixel anyway? Plenty of speculation will certainly fly around the internet, no doubt, however my theory is to make the products more in line with the name Google gave their most recent tablet, the Pixel C. Since that device was released, the Pixel name got a reputation for being one assigned to premium hardware. Since this element is already established, Google may be trying to market their upcoming smartphones as premium. Think about it. The rumored specs are premium, the software’s supposed to be exclusive to these phones and these phones alone, and they’ll no doubt be well-built with high-class materials. This would make sense for a majority of the reason, however there’s still one unanswered question when it comes to the fait of the Nexus name…

What’s gonna happen to the Nexus name (didn’t you see that coming?)? None of Google’s other products contain that name. Not their tablet, not their smart home accessories, not even their laptop which just got discontinued. The only other device with the Nexus name is the Nexus Play, but even that’s dying off. Hence, the Nexus name may die after the rebranding of the ‘Marlin’ and ‘Sailfish’ 2016 Google handsets. However, this question will remain active until we hear confirmation from Google regarding whether the name will stay or not. Stay tuned…

Personally, I think it’s a smart move by Google to pick up the Pixel name from the Pixel C for their smartphones. Just the other day, I was literally thinking, “Hmm, why couldn’t Google just name the next Nexuses Pixels if Android Central’s article is so sure of itself?” And here we are. I think it would make the most sense and would probably help a lot with marketing, but hey, that’s just me…

What do you think of this report? Will Google call their next smartphones the Pixel and Pixel XL? Let us know in the comments what your opinion is! We’ll be hanging around there for a little while after this article goes live to talk with you guys!

Source: Android Police

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