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Sierra 2

Everyone likes wallpapers. No, everyone loves wallpapers. That’s why companies build their own into their devices. And one of those companies is Apple.

Usually on a yearly basis, Apple will introduce a new wallpaper with their latest operating systems to show off the fact that they’re new and fresh. So this year to identify itself as it’s title, Apple gave users the below wallpaper of the Sierra mountains in California which comes with macOS Sierra by default.


Sure, that’s nice and all, but after a few weeks with it as your wallpaper, it can get kinda boring. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the way it looks. But by now, I’m in need of something fresh. So I went into System Preferences on my MacBook and decided to see what other wallpapers I could set as my own. And to my surprise, it looks like Apple slipped a new one into a beta build of macOS Sierra… and no one really noticed.

Like seriously, no one noticed. Not even sites like 9to5Mac or MacRumors. I guess they’re kinda busy digging around in the betas of iOS 10 and looking for new wallopers within that OS, so this could be why no one spotted the new Sierra wallpaper except me. I’m not saying I’m the first to see it. I’m just saying I’m the first to see it and write about it on a publication like MBEDDED.

If you wanna get your hands on it, just click the image below. It’ll take you to a full screen view of the background which you then need to right-click on and select “Save image as”. And don’t worry. You’re getting the full high-resolution version found in macOS Sierra.

Sierra 2

I’m gonna assume that developer beta 5 of macOS Sierra was the first build to see the new wallpaper, as I don’t recall seeing it while running beta 4. You can also see the picture in beta 6 of the future OS upgrade for the Mac which just begun rolling out today.

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