Hey Olympic Athletes, Use This App and These Sounds to Fall Asleep Properly


Sleep is everything to athletes. It’s how they get their energy, how their mood is adjusted, how they perform in whatever event they’re in – essentially, if an athlete gets little sleep, he/she will perform poorly the next day, but with enough rest that’s not mixed with getting up in the middle of the night for nothing, they’ll perform at their very best. And when you’re in the Olympics like the 10,000 athletes in Rio are currently, sleep with make or break your chance at getting the gold.

So to help some of the top athletes get better rest at night, the popular sleep-aiding app White Noise has been updated to version 7 which allows users to record and loop their favorite sounds to fall asleep to while also load in their favorite sounds right from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. You’re also able to share your custom sounds with the world via a built-in user community TMSOFT (the developers behind White Noise) recently built from the ground up. And since the Rio Olympics are occurring as I type this article, White Noise found it appropriate to deliver some of the top athletes in this year’s summer games their own sounds to fall asleep to which correspond to their home towns and environments they’re already accustomed to. All of these sounds are available as a part of White Noise’s wide-spread map of various clips and loops to fall asleep to.

First up is a custom loop for Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian ever. He competes in Men’s Swimming and is from Maryland, USA. White Noise decided that the loop below would be perfect for him considering what he does for a living and where he’s from.

Waves gently lap at a rocky, sandy shore at a marina in nearby Annapolis, MD Maryland. http://whitenoisemarket.com/sound/rock-beach?id=0d3e927b45327c1d87a4c914ded6fd7f 

Next is Usain Bolt, a competitor in Men’s Track & Field. He’s from Jamaica, and since rain is pretty much a staple there, White Noise thought that a shower or two on loop would be perfect to get him to fall right asleep.

Rain falling on the palms.http://whitenoisemarket.com/sound/rain-falling-on-palms-in-jamaica?id=905cc58ca5ff3994e73d749f7a534a11

Simone Biles of Ohio, USA competes in Women’s Gymnastics, something that requires a high amount of accuracy and alertness. So since she’s already used to hearing the sounds of a late August evening in her home state, White Noise found this clip to sooth herself in order to go right asleep.

August Night in Ohio – The sound of insects on an August night in Ohio.  http://whitenoisemarket.com/sound/august-night-in-ohio?id=59A3662E-5E5C-43F4-9118-94518A207E65

Next on the list is Neymar da Silva Santos Jr of Brazil. He plays Men’s Soccer in the Olympics and is very accustomed to the tropical sounds of his home country. So, White Noise found this clip for him.

Tropical Rain in Brazil – Rain drips in large, round drops over thick, broad leaves and assorted branches while streams of water trickle down through roots, rocks, and fallen branches. It’s the ultimate combination of nature sounds, with rain, leaves, and trickling water unifying in the ultimate sound of relaxation and peace.  http://whitenoisemarket.com/sound/tropical-rain?id=510d8ba325ce61bf38456434f3db0bbe

Last but not least is a Men’s Gymnastics competitor by the name of Kohei Uchimura. He’s from Japan where the Tokyo Train travels night and day bringing passengers to and from their destinations. So, White Noise thought this loop would sooth this gymnast’s mind and body in order for him to get some rest at night.

Tokyo Train – Hear the smooth yet rhythmic clanks of this Japanese metro train as it travels around the coast of Tokyo Bay, carrying both commuters and tourists through Diver City. http://whitenoisemarket.com/sound/tokyo-train?id=6ee6b0baad9bf588bc4f8d89179f00a1

Of course, these sounds aren’t just for the athletes mentioned above and are available to anyone for use via the White Noise app. Just download the app to your iOS or Android device and load the clips in via your computer or your phone’s on-board storage. But in case you are an Olympic athlete checking out this article, feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any problems getting your custom sound on your phone.

Source: White Noise

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