HP’s Powerup Backpack Can Charge Your Laptop While You Carry It Around


HP’s known for their laptops, PCs, keyboards, mice, and even smartphones nowadays. However, when it comes to carrying these items, the company doesn’t shine the brightest. But with the launch of a new product, this could change that…


HP has just unveiled the Powerup Backpack on Amazon which may appear as a standard canvas backpack on the outside, however doubles as a separate power source for your laptop on the inside. HP was smart enough to install a 22,400mAh battery inside this bag so when your computer runs out of juice, you can plug it in no matter where you are. Ventilated pockets are present to keep everything cool and not get too hot and ignite your back (which, by the way, would be bad).


To charge all of your devices, HP will include two microUSB cables with the backpack alongside one standard laptop charger. This will allow you to charge either one laptop once, a tablet up to 3 times, or a smartphone up to as many as 10 times. And with plenty of pockets and slots, you’ll have plenty of room to store all of your devices.

Oh, and to protect the backpack itself, HP will give you a rain cover on the house. Smart.

In case you were wondering, you should be fine if you take the Powerup Backpack on an airplane. FAA regulations state that any battery over 100 watts won’t be permitted inside checked or carry-on luggage, however since this backpack’s battery weighs in at 84 watts, you should be good to go. Of course, other countries have different rules and regulations, however at least in the US you’re likely OK.



October 1st will be when you can pickup HP’s Powerup Backpack, while preorders are currently live over on Amazon. $200 is what you’ll have to pay for this thing, and while that is a lot of cabbage, it may be worth it in the end as you’re charging your phone, tablet, and laptop all at once via your back.

You can learn more about the new backpack on it’s official Amazon listing.

What do you think of this backpack? Is it worth $200? Let us know your thoughts below!

Source: HP (Amazon) via The Verge

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