Fresh Report Confirms Previous iPhone 7 Rumors


As we all pretty much know by now, the iPhone 7 is geared up to remove the headphone jack, include redesigned antenna lines, feature a touch-responsive home button rather a physically clicking one, a better camera on the standard 7 and a dual camera setup on the 7 Plus/Pro, and possibly a thinner body. And according to Bloomberg, all of this is confirmed.

Well, at least to them.

Apple Inc. is preparing to unveil successors to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus as early as next month with more advanced photography capabilities and upgraded hardware in a design similar to that of last year’s models, according to people familiar with the matter.

Their sources have indicated that everything stated above will arrive as part of the iPhone 7 (6SE?). For starters, Bloomberg states that the standout features of the iPhone 7 will be the rumored dual-camera setup on the 7 Plus/Pro and the pressure sensitive home button which responds with a tap of the taptic engine, the same one used for 3D Touch on the 6s and 6s Plus alongside the removal of the headphone jack.

The standout features will be a dual-camera system on the larger iPhone, a re-engineered home button that responds to pressure with a vibrating sensation rather than a true physical click and the removal of the devices’ headphone jack…

Bloomberg believes that with the dual cameras on the 7 Plus, you’ll get much better photos with sharper quality and more light.

The dual cameras on the larger new iPhone will produce brighter photos with more detail, according to a person who has used a prototype version of the upcoming device. Both sensors, which each capture color differently, simultaneously take a picture, and the device produces a single, merged photograph…

The publication also stated that these cameras will operate much better in low light than any other iPhone before this one.

Regarding the home button, Bloomberg states that Apple will make the switch from a physical click using a mechanism to a pressure sensitive section which doubles as a Touch ID sensor. Of course, this is everything we already know, however it’s still nice to see this information confirmed via such a big news site.

Finally, Bloomberg believes that the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 will be missing and will allow a second speaker to be placed on the bottom of the device. Users, says the publication, will have to use either the charging port on the phone or Bluetooth connectivity with a special pair of pple  headphones.

Bloomberg says that the antenna lines will change on the iPhone 7, however doesn’t say anything about a thinner body. But nonetheless at this point, I think we can all expect something thinner from Apple by ways of the 7 since the removal of the headphone jack will allow for a thinner design and, I mean, it’s Apple.

Expect the iPhone 7 to launch alongside the rumored Apple Watch 2 around the middle of next month after an unveiling at a press conference in early September.

What’s your take on Bloomberg’s report?

Source: Bloomberg via 9to5Mac

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