A Microsoft Office Competition for Teens is Starting Today


By now, we all pretty much know how to use Microsoft’s suite of Office programs, like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. In fact, some of use may call ourselves ‘pros’ or ‘wizards’ with the company’s software tools as we may know all the ins and outs and little tricks the average user has no clue exists. However, a group of teens ages 13-23 may be better than anyone you know (or even yourself) as they will be competing in Orlando this week for the crown of World Champion of Microsoft Office.


And no, I’m not making this up.


Starting today through August 10th, Certiport, owned by Pearson, will host the 15th annual Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship where one teenager with an act for word processing, creating spreadsheets, and making stunning presentations in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will be declared the world champion of Microsoft Office. Over 150 students will participate from over 40 countries to claim their title and be presented with the prize of cash money and medals. Here’s a full rundown of who gets what in first, second, and third place.


  • $7,500 (2013 Winners)
  • $5,000 (2010 Winners)
  • Medal of Achievement
  • Trophy
  • Winner’s Certificate
  • Other Prizes Provided by Microsoft


  • $3,750 (2013 Winners)
  • $2,500 (2010 Winners)
  • Medal of Achievement
  • Winner’s Certificate


  • $1,500 (2013 Winners)
  • $1,000 (2010 Winners)
  • Medal of Achievement
  • Winner’s Certificate

Speed and accuracy is the name of the game in the MOS World Championship, with a dedicated time limit for participants to work with as they recreate documents given to them to copy as fast as they can. And this year, over a million people wanted to participate in this challenge, however only 150 were selected as they are the best out of the bunch. Winners will be announced August 10th. We’ll bring you the latest from the competition when we gain new information.

Michael Kelly, the 2013 US Microsoft Excel champion, will be representing the US in this year’s MOS World Championship. He states that even though he found this stuff boring while he was learning it, he feels unstoppable at this point.

“I didn’t know all the intricacies of Excel. My teacher really pushed me to go through it all and go really deep,” says Michael. “It is boring when you start and it’ll take a while. But when you get to this level you feel unstoppable.”

You can learn more about him in the below video.

You can visit www.moschampionship.com for more information on this interesting competition.

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