Review: Charge Your Android Device and Then Your iPad with One Cable (And No Adapters)


It might seem like a strange idea being able to live your life and just bring one cable to charge your devices. The company Phonebibi is trying to make this a reality, with their “Dual Cable”.

What they’ve done is made a hybrid plug, by combining the plug of the lightning cable and the microUSB Type-B. This is done flawlessly, as it allows you take the cable out of your iPad and plug it straight into your android device without any hassle or adapters needed.


When you order the product you get a nice confirmation email, saying around which time you can expect the cable. When it arrives, you get a cardboard box. The box itself is a bit deformed because it is a square box and the case for the cable is round. When you open it, there is a plastic bag around the white tube. The plastic bag is actually a waterproof phone case that comes with the product.


When you take the white tube out of the waterproof case it gives off a premium feeling. You slide it open and out comes the cable neatly folded and ready to use. There is just one small bump: you need to figure out how the cable goes into your phone. Luckily, the hooks on top of the plug indicate that side is for your Android device (or any other device with a microUSB Type-B port). So I plugged it in and it worked wonderfully. The only downside when using it on an Android phone is that the plug is longer that the hole for the plug is, so it sticks out a little bit. When you plug it into an iPad (or any other device with a Lightning port), it plugs in both ways, but one way it won’t charge.

One thing to note is that the cable cannot handle data transfers, only power. So when you plug it into a computer, you cannot transfer files onto your device. It does, however, charge when plugged into a computer.

The cable feels extremely premium. I ordered the light brown cable. The plugs and casing are both made of metal. The cable is made of what looks like leather, which makes it quite durable inside a pocket or a bag. The only problem I have with the build quality is the stitching on the leather. On some spots, it seems a bit rushed or they missed a stitch. For the most part, the cable is well-built.


I bought the cable on sale for $14 when it was priced down from $27, however it is usually on sale. I added a coupon for 15% off the cable (“ COMEBACK15”). This is a small price to pay for the extreme usefulness of the product. I own an iPad and a Nexus 5, so this comes in handy all the time. Even when going out with friends and someone forgot their cable, I can jump in and save the day.

They even have a policy where if the product arrives and you don’t like it, “a risk-free ironclad 45-day guarantee” is declared. So if you are in any way not satisfied, you can easily get your money back. They have 24/7/365 Ticket/Email/Live Chat/Phone Support, so you’ll never be stuck out in the cold if something happens to your Dual Cable.

You can learn more about Phonebibi’s Dual Cable via the link below.

This is not a sponsored article. We found and bought this product on our own and decided to review it.

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