Disney Made a Messaging App for Kids


Up until now, pretty much every messaging app out there hasn’t featured anything to protect kids from the dangers of the internet like predators or just simple strangers that shouldn’t be in contact with people of young ages. However, Disney has realized that the world has been missing something like this, so they decided to make a messaging app specially designed for children to use safely.

Called Disney Mix, this messaging app includes many safety features to guard users from the harms of the World Wide Web alongside protect conversations in the app from becoming bully-oriented or inappropriate. One feature that stands out is a whistle button users can hit if a chat thread gets a little out of hand. This will notify an adult moderator so he/she can step in and help. Family-friendly seems to be the name of the game here, and it’s even more so since all the included features in Mix are Disney-themed (obviously).

For starters, users can share stickers, self-made memes, and emojis all based on basically every Disney movie ever made. This will surely please many kids. In addition, users can customize their own avatar for use in the app so you won’t have to share a picture of your own face alongside play Disney-themed mini games whenever you’d like. You can also chat with other users like you’d expect, however it appears that Disney has built their own ‘mini bots’ of sorts as they allow users to follow official Disney-controlled profiles to receive the latest news about the company alongside their various services like Disney Channel or Radio Disney.

Here’s how Disney describes Mix:

Disney Mix is a social messaging app where friends can chat, share, and play in a whole new way! Get creative and express yourself using some favorite Disney and Pixar characters like Flash from Zootopia, Hank from Finding Dory, Jenny from Adventures in Babysitting, Danny from Future-Worm!, and more! Add Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Movies to your Friends List and receive the latest videos and photos directly from them. Personalize an avatar, chat with friends, play games, make memes, and send funny stickers and sounds… do it all in one place with Disney Mix.

All in all, I’d recommend this app to any parent who has a kid that just wants to text his or her friends at school or in their neighborhood. This way, you won’t have to worry about anyone luring your child into something they don’t want to do alongside let them express themselves using various stickers and sounds all kid-friendly. Ages 4 and up are permitted to use the app, which is pretty much on-point as 3 year olds probably don’t even know what an app is.

You can download Disney Mix to your iOS or Android device via the App Store or Google Play for free.

Source: Disney Interactive

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