It seems like every other day another report surfaces about Google’s 2016 Nexus smartphones, and this new article by Android Police is no exception. According to their post, the firm bringing us the pure stock Android Nougat smartphones will be reportedly building in a few additional tweaks and features we didn’t know about prior to this leak…

For starters, Night Mode (found in previous builds of Android N) seems to be making a comeback, but this time known as ‘Night Light’. It was reported a while ago that this feature wouldn’t make into the final release of Nougat, however it appears that it indeed will and can operate just like everyone anticipated when we got our first glimpse in one of the developer builds of Android N: you can turn it on or off, schedule to turn on or off at sunrise and sunset, or schedule it to your liking.


A second addition to the upcoming Nexus devices will reportedly be one called ‘Quick Screen Check’. This will allow users to double tap on their display when it’s off to check on notifications without turning on your phone all the way. This is obviously a play on Google’s current Ambient Display feature which requires you to lift your phone to check notifications, but with this utility you won’t have to lift your device but rather have it sit on a table and simply double tap the screen.


Finally coming likely exclusively to the 2016 Nexus phones will be some tweaks to the Settings app. First of all, a fresh coat of paint will be meeting the app which a darker grey tint, blue accent, and white layer. This will replace the current gray, teal-accented, and white-layered UI we have on Marshmallow and Lollipop. In addition, a dual-pane UI will be present in certain places within the Settings app which will give users access to the options “all” and “support”. The “support” tab will likely be placed there for ease of access to the rumored support features coming in Nougat exclusively for Nexus devices. It’s unclear whether this feature will hit all Nexus devices, however Android Police is pretty confident that it’ll hit the upcoming Nexus smartphones.

One thing worth noting about these screenshots is the fact that the leaked redesigned navigation keys reporedtly coming in Android Nougat are present. As we stated in a previous article however, the two blue and green dots aren’t supposed to be where they are. Instead, they’re supposed to be behind the big white dot alongside the two red and yellow dots. This is due to an error within the code for the buttons which should be resovled by the time Nougat launches.

All in all, this new slew of features will certainly be met with much appreciation by regular users of Google’s platform. As always, we’ll keep you posted on the latest happenings in the 2016 Nexus world and let you know if we hear anything else notable.

Source: Android Police via 9to5Google