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Today we’re taking a look at the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, a fitness tracker you wear on your wrist that has a built-in heart rate sensor, pedometer, clock, and more.

With its silicon wristband and simplified touchscreen UI, the Mi Band 2 makes working out or just taking a run a pleasant experience met at the intersection of great comfort and functionality.


A heart rate sensor is built-in to track your pulse and record your personal data on the daily, while a pedometer allows you to see how many steps you’ve taken either in a full day or simply during a short walk or run. A quick glance at the Mi Band 2 and you’ll see a digital clock for added convenience. Also found inside this unique fitness tracker is an IP67 certification rating, meaning you won’t have to worry if this band manages to get wet or even full of dirt. Xiaomi says you can go swimming with it on or even take a shower and not have to worry about anything.


By connecting your Mi Band 2 to your iOS or Android device, you can get notified when you’re receiving a call or got a text message via a slight vibration to your wrist. This notification method allows you to know what just got received by your smartphone and no one else so your business stays your business.

Sleep tracking is also present on the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, so you can record your sleep sessions for future reference.


All in all, this is a quality fitness band with a load of features everyone can take advantage of. And now, it’s even easier to get your hands on one as GearBest is currently holding a sale on this very wristband. Right now on their site, you can grab the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for as little as $35.89. That’s a 56% discount off the original price! But you’ll have to hurry, as this deal ends in 4 days.

> Grab the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for $35.89 from GearBest

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