ZTE’s Now Taking Ideas for Their Upcoming Smartphone


Back at CES 2016, ZTE announced that they’re building a new smartphone which would be made pretty much by the public, for the public. The company said that submissions and ideas sent in by average people will help to develop their upcoming device, and now that process has officially launched as ZTE has launched a website where you can share your idea for a new smartphone.

Known as Project CSX, ZTE’s upcoming handset will feature a bunch of different elements all thought up by various people who share their ideas with them. This could be the latest-generation processor, Super AMOLED display, or even an all-metal build. Whatever ZTE hears is what will go into this crowd-sourced smartphone.

One thing to keep in mind when sending in your ideas for a smartphone to ZTE is the fact that you’ve gotta think of stuff in the norm, meaning you can’t ask for a phone that crumbles like a piece of paper or can be stretched out to a 10-inch screen. In fact, ZTE clearly states that technology “realistically possible by 2017” should be submitted. Ideas “affordable for the general population” should also be suggested and not big, extravagant, special manufacturing or expensive materials.

All in all, this new smartphone will certainly be a sight to see when it’s launched next year at CES. ZTE says something “entirely new, from start to finish” will be manufactured. This could mean a number of things, such as incredibly powerful specs or an absolutely stunning build (or even both). But whatever ZTE finally decides on for their crowd-source handset, I think the world will turn their heads.

Via: The Verge

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